Sunday, May 31, 2020

Free Radio Skybird Credits

Free Radio Skybird is produced by DJ Frederick Moe and is broadcast on shortwave via Channel 292 in Europe, Unique Radio in Australia and WBCQ in North America and features

Justin Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory

One Deck Pete … with amazing music mixes and the Skybird mailbag program

Shane Quentin with Radio Reflexology

Approximately 15 minutes with Ray (Ray Carmen) 

Radio Emma Toc

Our interval signal and opening theme is by Madtone.

Our FRS logo was created by Steve.

Our delightful social media graphics are curated by One Deck Pete

This radio station is dedicated to the memories of Gary Bourgeois, Ambrose Metzegen (MB) and Herman Moe.

Remember wherever you are listening on the planet … keep your radio free, keep your mind free, keep your spirit free.


We are now offering QSL verifications for reception reports whether you listen on Soundcloud,, shortwave, an internet station or a low power community station. Please see our reception report guidelines on this blog. Thank you! 

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